Friday, April 20, 2007

Hello Everyone!!!

Hey everyone,

I know I said I would post again soon, but I still don't have my computer set up, so I guess the blogging will just have to be once in a while. This week has been crazy again.

The girls seem to be adjusting quite well. Vayda is getting used to her new teacher, and trying to fit in with everyone. Tessa is enjoying the park and going to Tumble time and spending time with friends and ofcourse Opa and Oma. So nice to enjoy the outdoors. I love it I love it.

I have been going to step/ball classes at the gym and playing ball every once in a while. Thanks goodness for my parents cause John's been away for work.

This week we also did a photo shoot at Heidi's house and I just love the pics so much. I am going to Costco tomorrow to get them developed. I am going to post them even though Heidi has them posted on her blog.

Hope that everyone has a great weekend. We know we sure will.

Monday, April 09, 2007

I am Back!!!!

Well, it has been about two weeks since my last post. I can't believe this is post # 100. Time flies. We are back in the sunny Okanagan and so happy. Life is good. I guess you don't realize how good things are until you go away and then come back. Family, friends and beautiful scenery. What else can you ask for.

So much has happened in the past couple weeks. The drive down was really good, the girls did awesome. Even without movies. My dad came up and drove the U-haul down eventhough he wasn't feeling good. Our friends Dwila and Curtis were a really great help for us. Dwila took the girls and Curtis helped John and my dad fill up the U-haul. Thanks so much to your family, we appreciate it very much. Our girls miss your girls so much. We hope to see you this summer. Denean, you and your sister are really good friends, we are going to miss you guys so much.

The day after we arrived Vayda started soccer which she enjoyed so much. It sure was nice to see everyone at the soccer field. We unpacked a few things that afternoon (Thanks dad for your help) That evening we went and had a hotdog roast out in the bush with Steve and Sandra (so glad we can do that again) It sure is nice, the girls love the outdoors. On Sunday we unpacked the U-haul (thanks to Steve and Sandra)

Vayda started school on Monday morning and she had a big smile on her face when I picked her up in the afternoon. Vayda loves being back here in the Okanagan.

On Wednesday we received a phone call from my brother Andy. He announced that he is getting married to Amie. (check out her blog - I don't know how to do the link) They are getting married in September in England, so we are all going on a trip to England. We are so excited and happy for them. Yeah!!!!!!

During the week last week we unpacked and re packed to go camping. We left on Thursday afternoon and came home on Sunday afternoon. We had such a blast. The girls played all weekend. Only stopped to go to the bathroon and eat, and ofcourse bedtime.

It was so nice to go camping with all of our good friends. We all just relaxed while the kids played. It was John's birthday on Friday so we celebrated it out in the woods.

I took some really good pics this weekend, but I don't have my computer hooked up yet, so it will have to wait. I haven't blogged for so long, but I am going to catch up with everyone now that I have some time (thanks to my mom's computer)

Hope everyone is doing well.