Sunday, December 09, 2007

My Oma

Can you believe it, blogging twice this week. I just wanted to blog about my Oma and post a few pictures of her. My Oma is almost 95 years old. When we went to Europe in September we got to see her. The girls loved her so much and John was so amazed with her. She is an amazing lady. I wish I could see her again soon. While we were in Holland we made sure we spend time with her everyday, and I know she loved it. She is moving into a Senior's home just before Christmas which I know will be so much better for her. I miss her so much, she is just such a wonderful lady and I enjoyed our visit so much. The hardest thing was to say goodbye, cause I don't know when we will be back in Holland. Vayda realized the same thing, so it was really emotional to say goodbye.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Our House

Well, I am not sure who actually reads my blog, since I really haven't kept it up at all. But I am going to do an update anyways. It is already December, I can not believe how fast time is flying by. We are currently living at my parents house, waiting for our house to be done. Should be sometime in the middle of January. We should be able to move in early February. I can not stop thinking about our house. I am so excited. It will almost be a year since moving back to the Okanagan and a year since I have seen most of our stuff. We have a few things here, but everything else has been in storage. It will be like Christmas when we move in.

Everyday I am thankful that we moved back here to the Okanagan. You just don't realize what you have until you don't have it anymore. This is where our home is. Even on days like today. Our house is coming along very nicely. We started on our basement last week and already it is so exciting to the changes happening. From the digging to the footings. I can't hardly wait until they crane the house onto our basement. Should be quite the sight. I am attaching a few pics of the property just in case anyone is interested.

I will do some more posts in the next week or so. I promise.

Have a great soggy afternoon everyone.