Monday, May 14, 2007


Certainly hope everyone had a wonderful Mothersday. I sure did. It started out Friday night when John had beautiful flowers sent to me and also for my mom. What a nice suprise!!! Then on Saturday evening my mom and I went for Dinner to Earls and went to the Movies. We watched "Georgia Rule". It was a really good movie, there were only 10 people in total in the theatre. On Sunday morning I woke up to Breakfast in Bed. The girls and my dad did such a great job, it was very special. Ofcouse would have been better if John were here but we still had a great day. We also got to go to Steve and Sandra's for lunch and then we had a nice afternoon at home. Then ofcourse the Survivor season finale. I certainly hope Dreamz can live with himself. I can not believe that he did not keep his word. I am glad Earl won, eventhoug Yau Man was my favourite. Then to top it off this morning all my stamps were delivered. I get to play!!!!!!!

Have a great week everyone. I am going to be without computer for a few days, so we will catch up when I get a chance.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am sewing

I just started sewing this week. With John away I thought I needed another project. So my mom is teaching me how to sew. I started with a pretty hard project - a dress for Vayda's birthday. It is looking so nice, I will post a picture very soon. I also made a pair of pajama pants for her last night. I think this could be another addiction.


The other interesting thing is Facebook. It sure is interesting in finding out what everyone is up to these days.


Vayda couldn't fall asleep tonight, which is so unusual for her. I think because we had such a great afternoon - we went to a family friends house to look at their horses. They have miniature horses and also regular horses. Vayda is so excited about horses, it is her newest obsession. She is already planning out where our horses will be on our property.

Anyways she thinks because her birthday is coming up at the end of the month she is getting growing pains. lol. So funny cause she thinks that the night before her birthday she is going to have really really bad growing pains. So cute the way they think sometimes.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

What's new

Well, two weeks have gone by almost since my last post. Let's see, we have been busy. Imagine that. We have accomplished so much at the property over the past few weeks. I am now addicted to peeling logs. What a good feeling it is to be at our property working away. We just love it out there. John rented a bobcat for a couple of days and he got so much cleared out and cleaned up. This week we will be getting our water hooked up. I can't hardly wait until we will be living out there. We have been going to through house plan magazines non stop. It is so overwelming.

Last weekend we had a great time, we got up to go garage sailing in the morning, and then watched soccer and we were able to work at our property and go golfing with Steve and Sandra. We had such a blast. It was such a beautiful day out and a good thing no one was behind us, cause we were a little slow. Then we grabbed a bite to eat. Nice to get some grown up time while John is home. On Sunday we had another great day. John was able to go out hiking with Adrian, they came home with a few sheds. This week went by really fast, Vayda is really enjoying school. I can't believe how well she is doing. Tessa and I have been helping with hot lunch every Friday which is so great cause we get to sit and have lunch with Vayda's class. They both think it is really special.

On Wednesday I went up to Kelowna with Heidi to pick up my Permanent Resident card. Yeah, I can offically return to Canada when we go away this fall.

We also were able to book our flight for Europe this week. We are so excited, I can't wait. We have hotels booked as well.

John will be on his way to work today, hopefully the next while will go by as fast as the past few weeks.

Hopefully everyone is doing well, we certainly are.