Wednesday, June 21, 2006

We are Back!!!

We are back and I am finally getting a chance to go on the computer.

John got called to do a job in Nanaimo and we decided to go along with him. The kids were actually pretty good on the way down and enjoyed the Ferry very much. When we got to the hotel we were a little dissapointed. On the Internet the place looks really nice, well in person not so.

We ended up surprising my brother Andy on Thetis Island. It was so funny cause I phoned ahead to make sure that he would be there, and it happened to be his day off. He was so surprised to see us, it was awesome. Everyone at Capernwray pretty much knew we were there expect for him. We spent the day with him and really had a fantastic visit. I love you Andy!!!!!

The rest of the time we spent at the ocean, the park and the pool, Nanaimo has a great Aquatic Centre, we need one of those in Summerland. We had so much fun.

The only thing about staying in a Hotel is that we all had to go to bed at the same time. The kids were going to bed at around 10:00 pm but than sleeping in until around 10:30 the next morning. Now we are trying to get them back into their 7:30 - 8:00 bedtime routine.

Thank you to Vicki and Donovan for letting us stay at their place on Sunday night. Sorry about not giving you very much notice. Hopefully Megan is feeling better. Thanks so much, it sure was nice to see you guys. We'll stay longer next time I promise.

I am definitely glad that we are back home. Home Sweet Home. I will post some pics of our trip soon.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Another Deer !!!!!!!!

This year we had to buy John a new truck for his business. He started "Teva Welding Ltd." back in January and has been busy welding all around BC. On his very first trip with his new truck back up north he hit a deer - this did not happen in the middle of the night but in daylight.
It was very frustrating for him, cause he was stuck waiting in his truck for more than 4 hours for a towtruck. A huge bummer cause this is the first new vehicle we have ever purchased. After a couple of weeks he received his truck back. Couple months go by and on his way home from Kititmat last week, guess what happened at 10am Thursday? John hit another deer. I have to say he has got pretty good timing. So once again our "New Truck" is at the Body Shop. Atleast the bull bar saved the front end of his truck and he was able to drive it home. I am so pleased that he was not hurt in either of the incidents. And he wonders why I worry about him so much. Thank goodness he drives a big truck.
This is the "Bull Bar" we got installed after John hit his first deer in April.
This is what his poor truck looked like after Deer #1

The Evidence

This is what John's truck looked like after Deer #2